GRAPE VARIETY :  A selection of 15 of the finest Chardonnay vine plants


ORIENTATION: South-West, on a hill with a deep slope, the soil is mainly composed of limestone and is nearly white because very stony.


CHARACTERISTICS: This wine is sharp and elegant. Flinty notes appear after a few years. During the first years this wine releases notes of exotic fruit and hazelnut that will be replaced after a few years by notes of honey and toast.

When young, it will seduce you and will open up your appetite during an aperitif

After 4 or 5 years of ageing it will express its best aromas with a freshwater fish or with pan fried scallops.


AGEING: This wine can be kept at least 10 years if stored in a cellar with low temperature.

100% matured in oak barrels.

SAINT - ROMAIN Combe Bazin
Fresh, very aromatic, with citrus fruit and white floral note: a treat for your senses. To be drunk young as an aperitif or with seafood or a “pain de poisson”. After 3 years of cellaring it is usually drunk with cooked fish dishes.