VOLNAY 1 er CRU Carelle sous la Chapelle Close to our MONOPOLE, it has however its own character, stronger, complex and of a long persistence, it will happily go with a stuffed quail or any other small game cooked in sauce.




ORIENTATION: Middle of the hills, on a brown limestone soil covering ancient alluvial deposits that come from the debris fan whose origin is found in the last quaternary glaciations.

A high proportion of lime allows for a deep rooting.


CHARACTERISTICS: This wine is both generous and fine and can easily compete with wines close to it such as Champans and Gigottes. With a fine length in the mouth, it liberates  musky fragrances with a slight taste of game.

Connoisseurs  will have to be patient


AGEING : Of a great cellaring potential, this wine can be kept from 15 to 20 years.

100% matured in oak barrels