VOLNAY Cuvée Marie The cuvee “Marie” is fine and complex, and will seduce you with its notes of Kirsch Liqueur.




ORIENTATION: South, South-East,

The lands of the middle of the hills are divided into six parcels, the ground is composed of brown clay soil on conglomerates from the Oligocene Epoch.

The soils of the parcels on the hills are mainly marly and rich in clay. The slope is very steep, the ground covered in small stones.


CHARACTERISTICS: During the 5 first years of conservation, the wine is fruity with notes of cherry, bitter cherry, and of a bouquet of violets.

When ageing, it releases aromas of undergrowth, vanilla, and sweeter flavours (candied fruits).

Our VOLNAY will perfectly accompany small game (duck, partridge, pheasant, rabbit, hare).


AGEING: This wine can be kept from 10  to 20 years according to its vintage and a lot longer for the great vintages.